DS-Lite Host Profile for MAEMO (OS2008 version)


As the IPv4 exhaustion problem becomes an impacting issue, many solutions to overcome this problem start to appear. The IPv6 adoption is one of them, because increases considerably the range of available addresses, but with it another issue takes place: how to port the devices to IPv6 keeping backward compatibility with IPv4 networks and devices? The answer for this question is the Dual Stack-Lite (DS-lite) approach.

DS-lite is capable of originate and understand IPv4 and IPv6 packets. It is basically an IPv6 tunnel sending and receiving IPv4 packets.

To implement DS-lite solution, the N810 Nokia tablet was used. This choice was made because this device has the Maemo platform − based on Linux kernel − which allow us to change some part of the source code to provide IPv6 capabilities for this device.

DS-lite device can originate and understand both IPv4 and IPv6 packets. This model is built on IPv4-in-IPv6 tunnels to cross the network to reach a carrier-grade IPv4-IPv4 NAT. There are two core ideas behind this model, as said in [7]:

The DS-lite model is showed on Figure 1.

DS-Lite model.

In the following slides, instructions on how to install the DS-Lite Host Profile for MAEMO platform will be provided.