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6. Installing ISC DHCPv6 Server on a server machine

The ISC DHCPv6 is open source software that implements the Dynamic Host Configuration Protocols for connection to a local network [5]. This allows one to create a DS-lite tunnel using DHCPv6 stateless configuration.

To use DHCP is necessary to have a CGN already functional. A version of the ISC CGN is available at

To install the ISC DHCPv6 server is necessary a machine with Linux operating system, and the package dhcp4.1.0p1 available at The steps below explain how to install ISC DHCPv6 server on a server machine:

  1. Extract the dhcp4.1.0p1 archive: tar -zxvf dhcp-4.1.0p1.tar.gz

  2. Change to dhcp4.1.0p1 directory and type the following commands to compile the source code:
  3. Create a DHCPv6 db lease directory: mkdir /var/db

  4. Create a DHCPv6 db file: touch /var/db/dhcpd6.leases

  5. Create a DHCPv6 server configuration script, named dhcpd.conf, at /etc folder
  6. Below there is an example of this file:

    option dhcp6.dslite-cgn-addr code 234 = ip6-address;

    subnet6 <subnet of DHCPv6 Server> {

    option 601;

    option dhcp6.dslite-cgn-addr <CGN address>


  7. To start the server, the command below must be typed:
  8. dhcp -6 -d -cf /etc/dhcpd # (the "-d" option can be added to start the server on terminal debug mode)

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