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8. Upgrading BusyBox

The BusyBox version installed by default on the N810 tablet doesn't support IPv6. It is necessary to upgrade BusyBox in order to enable IPv6 support on some IPv6-compatible commands like ifconfig, ping6, traceroute, etc.

In order to upgrade busybox, first is necessary to download the right version:

From now on, BusyBox has IPv6 support enabled and ifconfig and ping6 can be used, as can be seen on Figure 8.

IPv6 support on ifconfig (show link-local IPv6 address).

In order to test the IPv6 support on MAEMO, the ping6 command can be used to test the IPv6 loopback interface (::1), as stated on Figure 9.

Iping IPv6 loopback interface (using ping6).

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